Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day Two

Paul and Marie's house (Shawn's parents)
We went out for a big pancake breakfast at IHOP Friday morning. After the girls were good, full, and all covered in maple syrup, we went to Shawn's parents house to open gifts. Favorite gifts were: Kaitlyn- makeup case, Genny- Thomas the train set, Eli- red tissue paper. The funniest part of the morning was Genny opening her clothes. She ripped open the box, threw the tissue paper and clothes out, and squealed in her little Mickey mouse voice "You forgot the toy in this box".

Eli getting comfy on the couch

Genny with her train rock loader set. She added it her big train table she got from (Gumpa) Santa Christmas Day.

Kaitlyn with her big make-up case. She loved getting all dolled up (I won't comment on what she looked like after her 5 y/o beauty treatment)

Eli's still not impressed with his gifts

Genny looking for her toy after opening the clothes box

Eli- "Did my mother just put something on my head"

"Oh no, she didn't"

"Ok guys, this is just getting ridiculous. My parent's definitely need a new hobby"

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