Sunday, April 29, 2007

Eli's March of Dimes

Thank you to everyone who donated to MOD in Eli's honor. We were able to make our donation goal! I was so blessed to be able to walk with all three of my preemie miracles. We had a great walk- couldn't have asked for better weather, it was 80 degrees, sunny w/ a lovely breeze. Eli slept through the entire walk. He hated the sun, breeze, his sunhat, and the noise.

All dressed and looking cute. I bought this outfit right after our 18 wk u/s when we knew we were having a little boy. I was so bummed when Eli was in the hospital the entire summer last year. I thought for sure he would outgrow the romper and sunhat. Well, my itty bitty guy got to debut his darling romper for his March of Dimes.
What is going on here Mommy?
Crabby buns
Just a little tired- we did make it the entire walk (3.5 miles)

Our teeny tiny professor

Isn't he just the cutest thing?
And he knows it!
Smiling w/ bubbie
Biting Mommy

All Eli, all the time

Sorry I've been slacking off on the blog this month. Eli and I have been pretty busy with appointments, therapies and our new house drama. We close on our first house May 14th! Hopefully all will settle down once we move and we can sink back into a less stressful routine.
There's two little razors in there! Eli's bottom two teeth popped in the 2nd week in April.
Looking chubby
Love those angelic eyes
Wait! Eli wants to drive
Please pick me up?
Can E get any happier?
Check out that new head of hair- it's looking red :D
(ok, maybe strawberry blonde)
E is definitely a little heart-throb
Who spooked the baby?
Another humongous smile

Dancing princesses

Picture day at dance! They both look so grownup :( It took a little convincing to get Kaitlyn to wear her costume (Gen would prob wear hers to sleep if she could), but once we got to the studio both girls perked up when they saw their friends all dressed up in the same costume. Their recital is the 2nd Sunday in June, hopefully I can post more video of my two dancing divas.

Eli's fancy panties

Finally, a diaper that's as cute as Eli is :D I can't rave enough about how wonderful cloth diapers are! They don't leak, E's bottom is finally starting to heal, his pressure sores don't rub against a rough diaper and best of all there are no more screeching diaper changes. No more icky disposables, it's only the best for my little guy's bummy :)