Sunday, June 29, 2008

TV dinner

Dinner and a Rat

E LOVES Ratatouille. He's so predictable on what parts he finds funny. Yes, our son is holding a medical syringe while he eats. Oh, the funny things medically complex kids find comforting.

Tricking the toddler

We took E to Mayo on Monday for a follow-up GI appt. Everything went well, his GI doc was actually pleased with his weight gain (HOOORAY!!!!)

While we where there I mentioned that E was starting to like to taste things. Great! Well, except that the foods he likes- vanilla pudding, potato chips, french fries, frosted animal crackers....
All really high in fat, which means lots and lots of poo. Probably not good choices for a kid w/ 1/4 of his bowel. So we decided to try E on a new diet. Yummy, yummy Gerber foods.

Ohh, Mommy bought me a new cookie

What the heck is this thing....

Get that doctor on the phone, this is just unacceptable.

LOL, well I guess E isn't ok w/ rice crackers. He polietly objected by taking each cracker, crushing them and sweeping his hands back and forth on his tray until every piece was on the floor. I talked to his GI doc again after we got home and got the ok to just give him tastes of what he wants. As long as he doesn't loose weight, he can poop as much as his little gut desires. I don't mind, E's happy, we use cloth, it all washes :)