Friday, December 01, 2006

A week of normalcy

It feels so strange to say that we had a week where absolutely nothing happened. We didn't need to rush Eli or the girls into any extra appointments. I actually had three healthy children for an entire week.
Eli's home care nurse was on vacation this week, so we didn't see any doctors, specialists or nurses all week. I did talk to his GI doc on Wednesday and gave him Eli's weights for the week. Eli is still boucing around the same two-ounces and was 6 lbs 14 oz this morning. We have to go into Children's lab next week and have more nutrition labs drawn, but got the all-clear for this week. It has been so nice to have an entire week where Eli can just stay home and be a baby and not a patient. Please pray that Eli is able to gain weight and we can continue to have more "normal" week.
Eli got to play with his OT on Thursday afternoon. He is making baby steps in his development. Eli's new thing this week is his hands. He is getting much better at getting them up to his mouth and bringing them together. The only problem is once Eli gets his hands into his mouth, he pulls out his paci. He acts surprised for a second and then starts to shriek when he realizes that he lost his paci again. I think Eli would really like to suck his thumb if it was just a little bit bigger.
Eli is also starting to want to sit up a lot more. I don't know if it is because of his reflux that he is more comfortable this way, but it is a good sign that he is getting stronger in his head and neck. Eli tends to curl over when in a sitting position due to all of his abdominal surgeries. We got some good exercises to work on from his OT and hopefully over time he will just continue to get stronger.
Next week we have appointments for Eli's 6-month well-baby appt, follow-up with his eye doctor and some lab work to get done. Please pray that everything goes well and I don't have much to update on Eli's health.
The picture below is Eli in his new bouncy chair he got from his Grandma for Christmas. He's not quite sure about the waterfall or all the buzzing on his bottom, but he does like to just sit in the chair for a few minutes and just look around.

Our lunch date

Two handsome guys

Ok Mom, we've had enough!
Eli and I got to have a lunch date this afternoon with Eli's primary nurse Becca, her daughter Lauren and baby Joey. It was so fun to see everyone outside of the hospital and being able to meet Joey. I know Eli had a good time "teasing" Joey in-utero, when he was in the NICU and got to be held by Joey's Mommy. I could tell Eli remembered Becca, as he stopped sucking on his pacifier to try and listen to her voice.
It was so neat to see baby Eli next to baby Joey. They are both such handsome little guys and Joey was just full of smiles. Eli is just 2-weeks older (adjusted age) then Joey. It will be fun to see as they grow up if the size difference is very noticeable.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tiny hands, tiny feet

Elijah's precious little hand holding onto his Great-great-grandma Genevieve on Thanksgiving. GG-grandma Gen will be 94 years old next week.

The many faces of cuteness

Bear faces
Eli pets his Emma kitty
Kitty is just a little strange

Crossed eyes, but so sweet

Kissy faces

Thanksgiving, Eli will take over the world

Eli loves his new bouncer

So much in just 6-months

I didn't get a chance to post on Elijah's 6-month birthday, but here are comparison pictures of our little guy.

. 5/18/06 1 lb 10 oz, 12.25"
11/18/06 6 lbs 14.3 oz, 19.75"

Just a reflection on what Elijah has overcome in his 6-months of life....
RDS (respiratory distress syndrome)
PDA litigation (patent ductus arteriosus)
NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) required removal of 2/3 of his small bowel (all of his ileum and half of his duodenum)
Illeostomy placement for 68 days and reanastomosis
ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) advanced to stage 2, zone 2 w/ plus disease that required extensive laser surgery in both eyes
Apnea of prematurity, A&B spells (apnea and bradycardia)
Numerous infections, anemia, jaundice
Numerous blood transfusions, IV's, 2 PIC lines, and a broviac line
94 days of oxygen treatment on a vent, bubble cpap, regular cpap, vapotherm and nasal canula
96 days in level 3 NICU
6 surgeries (PDA, NEC, broviac placement, reanastomosis/feeding tube placement, ROP laser, broviac removal)

Elijah has been through so much in his short life, yet he never fails to amaze me with his strength and glowing personality. Eli is truly one of God's little miracles.