Thursday, July 05, 2007

Holy Cow!

Is that the same baby??
It has been such a blessing to witness all the answered prayers. Eli has finally started to gain weight and look, well, healthy! When we went down to the Mayo E was 4053 grams, 10 days later he is chubbed up to 4330 grams (almost 30 g/day weight gain!) The total he has gained in these 10 day is the same amount he gained all from September to April of last year.
Eli is just the happiest little guy you will ever know. There isn't a single person he will not flash one of his precious goofy grins for. You have to check out his laugh and E playing
The doctors decided Eli is now well enough for surgery. What a reward, LOL. E will be having his PEG feeding tube replaced w/ a Mic-Key button on July 16th. He has to go into the OR under general anesthesia, but we should be able to go home the same day. E really needs a new feeding tube. Normally they replace the PEG tube after 2-4 weeks when it heals, but E has never been stable enough to where they would want to do an elective surgery. Oh, his PEG is really icky now too. It's all black on the inside, which is really not what we want to have w/ a baby w/ a weakened immune system. Eli is already on maintenance antibiotics just to keep his GI tract stable, so we don't want a whole mold garden in his only route of entry for food. We are not expecting any bumps, but if you could please keep Eli in your prayers that day. Here's some more pictures to share of his cuteness :D

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And then there was more E....

And his goofy sisters too :)