Thursday, August 30, 2007

More then a last name and DOB

I was going to update w/ all E's recent medical mumbo jumbo, but I just can't do it right now. So you get a bit of a much-needed vent....
I'm so tired of going in to see various specialists, making phone calls, appointments, filling out paperwork, and the list goes on where I only refer to E as "DeMers, 5/18/06"
Because he's so much more then that. I have to check every organ system on the abnormal/complications list, and rarely do we ever get to check even one of the developmental milestone boxes. Tonight I just want to share some things about E that often get missed, b/c there isn't any boxes for this....

E loves his bubbie (pacifier)

E loves tv. No judgements please, he watches 10 hrs+ per day. Because it makes him happy. E's favorite movie is Toy Story or Cars. He waves his hands around in the opening scene when Buzz Lightyear flies accross the screen.

E loves tags. Not taggie blankets, but tags on shirts, toys, etc. He will play with a tag for 20-min just feeling it up and pulling on it.

E loves anything that crinkles. Chip bags, mylar balloons, paper receipts, candy wrappers, etc. He hears a crinkle and his little hands start waving, give to E!!!

E loves the Doodlebops. He will settle down from a full-fledged screaming fit in the car when you put the Doodlebops on the i-pod. His favorite song is the Get on the Bus song. He thinks it's very funny when Mommy beeps his nose to the song.

E loves the sound of vibrating and lips smacking.

E loves his crinkle bug and his keys b/c he can shake them by himself.

E loves his minkee diapers. He feels them up every chance he gets. He also likes when Mommy puts him in a prefold diaper b/c the snappis are fun to pull off and then he's nekkid and loving it!

And of course, E loves his Mommy :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More cuteness

Girl's first troophies
Soccer divas

Time for more pics :)

I know, I know, I still haven't updated the blog. We've bee super busy w/ various specialist appointments. The girls both start school next week, so hopefully I will have maybe a few minutes to catch up on things.