Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day in the life of E

Always a charmer

C/p, Sorry I don't have time to retype everything for a different recap for my blog,
We had E's periodic review yesterday for his IEP and his teachers attempted the preschool transition part. I refuse to send E to school when he's three, so we just skipped over that part. No idea if he will continue school therapy after May, but I'm going to talk to his ped to see if she wants to appeal to continue home based services on a medical exemption or if we will switch to private.
E met a few goals which was really exciting. He is sitting really well and can lean now in sitting to grab a toy & regain his center of balance. Still working on getting in and out of sitting position, but I can see that coming soon. He's managed to come up with his own way of movement. Smart kid figured out his head is the heaviest thing to move, so he does the ostrich thing and buries his head into the carpet, straightens his legs up behind him and pivots. Must less work that way
We're discovering his continuous feeds to be a PITA now that he rolls everywhere. He is constantly disconnecting himself and we have tummy sludge all over my living room. So I've been leaving him off for the hours when he's out in the living room. But thankfully his new found independence has led E to want to eat whatever Mommy is eating. And he found a love for bakery cookies, french fries and pop syphoned from the end of a straw
So he's not loosing weight with us doing ~18-hour feeds. The most fun lately has been E's massively expanded play skills. He LOVES container play. E sat up at dance for close to 2 hours with a plastic coffee cup and 3 small cotton balls. Putting them in, taking out, putting in, banging, dumping out, etc. I think we're making progress on the cup thing. He will at least be in the same room as a sippy cup now and will occasionally use one for container play as long as the lid is not in sight.
We have lots of work to do on language skills. We where brainstorming with his speech teacher on what we could do to help him develop some source of expressive language. E still have very minimal receptive language, so it's hard to get him to communicate with even a big talk switch or pictures if he doesn't understand a connection between words/pictures and the item he wants. E does know the universal two-year old communicator (ie full blown temper tantrum), so that is what we hear most days.
Still loves his movies. New favorite is Handy Manny and Wall-E.

It's been forever since I've blogged. I just thought I'd share pictures of a typical afternoon in the life of E.

On the move....

His favorite toolbox. E already threw all the tools out this morning.

Gumball machine is a favorite. Everything goes "in" and not just the balls that are meant for the toy!

More things that need to go "in"

Taking a break

Crawling Eli-style