Friday, February 23, 2007

Eli's Security

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Shutting down the public

Eli's twuck
Such a happy guy

After a couple of weeks of contemplating, I have decided to change our blog to be private. I love being able to share Eli's progress with everyone, but it does bother me that anyone can just click and read sensitive information about our family. I sent email invites to anyone on my address book, PLEASE email me if you know of others that would like access to Eli's blog. I don't want to completely restrict access to our famous little Eli, just try and weed out the weirdos.
And now for the update on the great Mister E....
I am starting to become very optimistic about the 26 cal formula. Eli is.....shhh don't tell him.....growing! So far we've had three good weeks of weight gain, ~7-10 grams per day. Eli and I shared a flu bug Sunday-Tuesday that was pretty nasty. I was very proactive in Eli's hydration this time and switched him over to 100% Pedialyte when I noticed he was starting to stool out. Actually stopping his formula really made the difference. Eli went from stooling 5-8 times an hour to going once ~2 hours. I kept him on Pedialyte for 24 hours, tried him back on formula, he stated to stool out again, so we did another day of clear fluids. We are now past 24-hours of returning to his Elecare formula and he seems to be doing better. Eli is still stooling quite a bit, but I weigh his ins & outs and can make adjustments to his fluid intake before he starts down the evil road of dehydration. I am just so thankful we haven't made a trip into the ER this week. Every little bug Eli gets always sends him in such a downhill spiral that it's impossible for our little guy to keep up. It seems like my obsessiveness w/ his poop has helped prevent the start of a nasty dehydration least for now.
I suppose I should post the good news....
Smiley courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org7 lbs 10.9 oz Smiley courtesy of
Yes, Eli was 3484 grams on Thursday. The weight is a little misleading b/c he was on Pedialyte for 3-days. It causes his cells to swell & retain fluid, so his weight was obviously a "wet" weight. But, I decided to post it anyways and celebrate his chubbiness. Eli lost an ounce this morning and will probably continue to loose weight as he pees out all his extra fluids. I just pray Eli is able to turn his weight around again and we have seen the end to his nasty flu.
9-month stats (6-month adjusted age)....
We don't have an appointment for Eli's official 9-month appointment until March 1st, but I have his unofficial stats to share.
7 lbs 9 oz
21.25 inches
15.75 inch head circumference
Eli is growing like a baby weed :) Ok, maybe not like a weed, but he's growing and that's the most important past.
There isn't a whole lot more to update. We have an appointment this afternoon for Eli's sore bum. He has a pretty large lesion right at his buttocks crease (he's really going to hate me for posting this when he's older ) that just won't heal. It's been there for over 7 days now, and unfortunately Eli's so malnourished right now, his skin just doesn't want to heal together. I'm praying we'll be able to just walk out with another buttocks concoction and we don't spiral down into a more serious infection. Eli really doesn't need another complication.
Well, little E just woke up and realized there is poo on his "owie" spot again. I hope to upload his recent videos over the weekend, so be sure to check back on our little guy!

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