Friday, February 23, 2007

Eli's Security

Welcome to Eli's Blog,
So you'd like to enter?

Permission granted :)
Caution! You will see some very cute kids here....

Big sister Genny
Big sister KaitlynAnd adorable me of course!
Now get this goofy tie off me.


Jessica said...

I LOVE the suit! All the kids look so cute all dressed up. Congrats on Eli's recent weight gain. I am glad to hear you found a good combination. I am sure you are jsut frustrated. Keep up the good work. Eli is lucky to have a strong mom like you!

momtopreemietwins said...

Thanks for the invite, I love reading about mister E and seeing pictures of your beautiful children. I will keep Eli in my prayers that his little bum heals and he can stay flu free.


beloveddeath said...

okie i got registered. this is sin.kitten from the board <3