Thursday, May 17, 2007

A year of prayers

A Gift from God

At first glance
you were so small
I hardly saw a baby at all,
with tubes and wires
a frightening sight
but you were in for a
big fight.
Not even two pounds
just skin and bones,
your body so small
with problems so big,
but you fought hard
and continued show your strength.

So many fears
So many tears.

You are home now
and learning each day
I love you dear,
more than words can ever say.

A miracle baby
A gift sent from God.
You showed the world
You showed us all.

Happy Birthday precious baby Eli

Sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while. It's been very crazy w/ our house closing and all E's recent appointments. Eli is sick again, he was in the ER on Tuesday getting IV fluids for 12-hrs. He's still not feeling well, so I'm posting pictures from earlier this week.
I can't believe my baby boy is a year old today. Birthdays for preemies are always tough. The happiest day of my life is linked to the scariest day of my life, and will always be remembered that way. Still, I wouldn't change Eli for the world. I thank the Lord every day for blessing me with the three most amazing children.

Elijah Joseph, you are one amazing little boy. Mommy loves you so very much!