Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Witnessing God's miracles every day

Look how strong Eli is!

7 lbs 3 oz and sitting!

It's kind of hard work Mommy

I still have tears in my eyes from when I just took these pictures, he is such a little miracle. Eli was coughing a lot on his back, so I tried holding him upright to help with his reflux. He was throwing his head forward and getting very upset, so I just thought I would try and sit him upright before he vomited all over both of us. Well, he sat, and liked it! Normally his muscles are so tense that his back arches and his head flops back. I can't believe my little man sat up on his own! I refuse to believe the grim prognosis (as far as development) that his doctors have laid out for Eli. Eli continues to amaze everyone with his immense strength and resilience.

Eli has been better the past two days. The best news is that he actually gained weight. His weight was 3180 Monday, 3212 Tuesday and 3266 today. He is still below his weight at the beginning of the month, but I am praying this trend of weight gain continues. Eli's normal pattern is a gain for 3 days then he looses weight for 3-4 days. I am still praying for a miracle, that Eli will be able to tolerate his feedings this time and continue to gain.

The other great news is Eli's pain seems to be more manageable. We are still doing scheduled pain medications every 3 hours, but he hasn't done his high pitch & inconsolable scream all day. Eli still requires a lot of Mommy TLC and I love that I am actually able to calm him. He was even flashing me some of those precious little smiles this afternoon.

I know God is watching over my family and little Eli. It's so hard to believe that just 3-days ago it looked like our baby boy would be recovering from his 7th surgery during this time. Eli continues to be a strong little fighter.

My happy boy

Fingers are so fascinating

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Maggie said...

I'm glad he likes sitting! He is adorable as always :)