Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eli's March of Dimes

Mr. Grumps
I have never asked for money for Eli, and I'm not posting this in request for donations either. I just wanted everyone to know we are planning on walking this spring if anyone wishes to join Eli's team. My family has a lot to be thankful to the March of Dimes for. Eli's Power Squad
For those not in the Twin Cities area, you can still help! If you register on Eli's team site, you will create a personal member name & page under our team site. You can then edit/change your personal walksite location on your member page. There are lots of MOD walksite locations around the country and you can easily search by entering your zip code. Please consider walking in honor of our little Elijah.
Of course, I have to add the most recent pictures of our little man. He's loosing his "puff" and Mommy is so sad :(
Eli has a look only his cuteness can pull off- a couple of stray long wispy strands on his preemie shaped head, yet he's still 110% adorable.

My sweet boy
Mr. Happy

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Becca said...

Hi Sarah-
Eli is so beautiful!! He looks like such a happy boy. I just got a note in my mailbox at work yesterday that Eli was in the hospital with the bowel obstruction - I'm so sorry! I'm glad you got him out of there quickly - you don't want him exposed to all that crap!! I wish I would've gotten the note earlier, I would've come to see him while he was there! -Eli's favorite nurse, Becca