Monday, December 25, 2006

Day 5, Christmas Day

At our home with Grandma Becky, Gumpa, Uncie Mike
We had a nice relaxing Christmas day at home. I cooked a full Christmas dinner from recipes I found online and everything turned out wonderful. Of course I made way too much food and just threw out the final leftovers (after New Years day). Everything was very tasty, we all ate too much, but I am so looking forward to ham & bean soup. Favorite gifts were: girls- princess tea set, Kaitlyn- interactive dancing princess Genevieve doll & Nintendo DS, Genny- huge Thomas the train set w/ table & Thomas Aquadoodle mat, Eli- Pampers (already poo'ed on all of those too).
I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the beautiful table that (Gumpa) Santa made, but I do have video of the girls first going downstairs to see their train. Genny exclaimed "Howy Sh*t, Santa brought me my train". I was too tired to yell at her on the video (this was at 5:45 am), but it was kind of funny how excited she was. Kaitlyn was pretty glum in most the pictures b/c she didn't open her Santa gift until last. She finally cracked a huge gooofy grin when she opened her Nintendo DS game.
We had a great Christmas, but we were all ready for things to be done by Monday afternoon. Our two garbage cans were heaping with boxes and wrappings, our fridge packed full of leftover food, and the kids were exhausted from all the excitement. I am awaiting next year when I can have my whole family at my home for Christmas.

Kaitlyn looking pretty before Christmas dinner

Genny awaiting dinner, she already snuck a candy cane off the tree
Lots of tea cups for the girls to serve dishwater (I guess Sponge Bob did it)
Uncie Mike with his new hat and shirt. I didn't know he was *actually* going to wear the shirt...LOL, j/k Mike, it looks good on ya.
Gumpa in his bear hat

Kaitlyn's long awaited Nintendo DS

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