Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thank you Uncle Sam

We where finally able to get E another bumbo seat. We had one Dec 06, but returned it the next day as E just didn't have the strength.

We where just at Target today and had our extra Uncle Sam money, so I thought heck why not give one another shot. And oh my gosh, does E love it!

We do have a few adaptive chairs, the only disadvantage is they are a lot bigger and have to be strapped on to another chair to make them work. The bumbo is so nice and easy. Just one piece and another plus is they now come with a tray. How cool does E look!

Best $50 investment EVER! I love this pic, E is just smiling while playing with his toys.

And gotta love husbands, he decided the toy wasn't entertaining enough so he turned him around.

And just a quick glimpse at our fun weekend. A swarm of little pink divas.


Becky (beckyluvs4 August 2006 Bumblebees) said...

Little E looks so big and happy in his new seat. I am so glad he is continuing to do well. All the girls in their pink tutus look beautiful!!

Torri (mommy2xander from IV Preemies) said...

Oh my goodness, when did he get so big? He looks like he is really enjoying himself with his toys and new seat.

Angela said...

That's so great that the Bumbo is working out for him now! It looks just perfect for him. Aren't those things great?? The Bumbo was so helpful for Audrey when she was at that stage. Especially now with the tray!

Angela (i_am_ang) from the Bee board