Thursday, December 14, 2006

Baby update, by Elijah

Eli has some big news, so I thought I'd let him update his friends and family himself.

Hey guys, Guess what?

I'm 7 lbs!

Of pure cuteness!!!

:little baby laughs:

Ok, I can't laugh yet, but I do make the sweetest baby faces. I don't smile at Mommies face, she's still kind of fuzzy, but I love to make these big cheesy grins whenever I hear her voice. I crossed over the big 7 lb barrier yesterday. I was so big, 3184 grams (7 lbs .2 oz) this morning. I promised Mommy that I wouldn't start pooping and loose the weight I've worked so hard to put on.
I must be a good boy because Mommy didn't have to take me to any doctors this week. My friend Barb came and we exercised on Wednesday morning. They are watching my head shape because I really favor my left side. Mommy thinks it's because I can see better out of my right eye, so I like to keep that one on top. Luckily I am so light and little, so my favoritism to the left hasn't affected my head shape too much. I just have some more exercises to add to my to do list.
I don't have much more to update. My pal Barb said I did great with my exercises. I found that if I just keep smiling at the ladies they don't make me work too hard. My charm goes a long way with the ladies :)


Maggie said...

7lbs!!! Woo hoo!! Great job Eli!

liz.mccarthy said...

Oh my what a beautiful smiler!!!!! Eli's beautiful!