Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dance of the two Christmas princesses

The girls had their Christmas dance recital and it was too much to describe with words. We captured the evening on video, so I will try and add a link later.
I don't think either of the girls had a concept of what their "recital" was going to be. Kaitlyn freaked out when she saw all of the parents, but she did get up and dance once I sat in the front row so she could watch me the whole time. Genny, well she did her "I'm too cute for this" routine. I laughed so hard at her performance to where I had tears running down my face. Both of the girls worked hard on their tap and ballet routines (ok, Kaitlyn may have practised a bit more) and did such a great job. We celebrated with a pancake dinner at IHOP afterwards.

My dancing girls

Kaitlyn strikes a pose

Genny loving her Mommy

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