Sunday, January 14, 2007

It took 6 years....

But I did it, I am an official college graduate! My diploma arrived in the mail on Thursday. It was so unreal to actually hold the magical piece of paper that I worked so hard to receive. I am the proud recipient of a bachelor of science degree in dietetics from the College of Saint Catherine. I think this qualifies me to be Eli's Mommy :)

(and Kaitlyn & Genny's Mommy too) I wasn't able to attend graduation due to being on bedrest with Eli, but if felt just as special to receive my diploma at home with my three special children .

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Kellie said...

Congratulations Sarah! What a wonderful accomplishment. Kaitlyn, Genny, and Eli will be so proud of their mommy. It's hard work making it through college with a B.S. when you have children but when those children have complicated special needs, it is nothing short of amazing. I can't wait until June 9th when I have my B.S. in Nursing safely in my hands and can feel the pride and sense of accomplishment you are feeling today.

Tell DH that it's time to celebrate!