Monday, January 15, 2007

Making more Eli

Eli has been a very different boy since he has been home. Eli slept for 5-hours in his swing, woke up to be changed, then fell back asleep for another 5-hours. He was clearly telling us he was exhausted w/ all the recent events.

I have been keeping track of Eli's in's & out's (weighing diapers) since he has come home. I know I don't need another thing to obsess over, but it has helped me not worry quite so much about his weight loss. There isn't a whole lot I can do if his out's are more then his in's, but thankfully they haven't been. I hope his stooling has slowed down b/c his diaper weights over the night weren't too bad for Eli.

The best news, is that Eli gained weight! Eli was 3238 grams this morning (7 lbs 1.8 oz). I know some of this weight is from all the fluids he got in the hospital, but still his weight increase shows he hasn't lost all the fluid in stooling.

It was such a blessing to see Eli back to his happy self this morning. I just had to share my goofy boy. The video is Eli showing off his new trick this morning (double-click to open up the YouTube site where you can see the whole screen)
Thank you for the continued prayers for our little Elijah.

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Anonymous said...

He sure likes his nuk! What a doll! :) -Gina