Saturday, January 27, 2007

No new zippers

I just saw the surgeon this morning and as of right now it looks like Eli will not be having surgery. His belly is much softer and the distention way down. We are waiting for the conformation from his x-ray that his obstruction has cleared.
I haven't met with his GI doc or ped today, but the surgeon said he wanted to give Eli one more day of bowel rest. If the x-ray looks good, they will restart his feeds tomorrow morning and he can go home! I am still waiting on a few more docs & x-rays, but I am just ecstatic that Eli will probably get through this without another surgery.
Eli is not quite so chipper this morning. He is PISSED about the huge tube going down his throat and continues to gag every few minutes. The surgeon wanted to leave the NG suction on for 24-hrs, just to be cautious, as Eli did have some major distention issues yesterday. Hopefully it won't be another full day & night of Eli doing 15-minutes rest, gag, wake up & scream for 2 hours until he can get his pain meds.
I want to thank everyone who has continued to pray for Eli. The Lord truly answers our prayers and I know he is watching over our little Eli. Keep growing strong little E.

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Maggie said...

I'm glad to hear that Eli doesn't need surgery. I'm sending lots of prayers and wishes that he is home with you as soon as possible and is feeling much better.