Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tooting his own horn

Eli has starting passing gas again. I know he will hate me later for sharing this with the world, but gas is good! His belly is a lot softer and he's back to looking like my skinny boy again (compared to my little grape).
I pestered the nurse to keep paging the surgeon when he forgot to come back this afternoon. I had to wait until 4 pm this afternoon until he could come and talk to us about the x-ray. The good news is that the x-ray looked a lot better. Not normal, but a child w/ short gut never has normal x-rays of their gut. The air pockets have decreased and his small bowel no longer appears obstructed on x-ray.
Eli decided the he wanted his NG tube out this afternoon, so he "helped" in its removal. I still had to get the official "ok" from the surgeon to not put it back in. Eli is still pretty mad at the world, but at least we can now walk around the room w/o being attached to the suctioning machine.
I also worked my negotiating skills and got the surgeon to agree to restart Eli's feeds tonight. It's hard to tell how he is doing so far, but we restarted him at 20 cal formula running at 10 ml/hr (his normal formula is 24 cal w/ 3% pectin @ 24 ml/hr). They also restarted his reflux meds and changed him over to oral pain relivers iso rectal Tylenol- Eli is very happy about that one. No poop so far, but I just heard a few toots from Eli in his swing. Please pray that things start moving through and we won't need to stop his feeds & continue bowel rest.
No word as to whether we will actually be able to go home tomorrow. My gut tells me it won't happen. I just know how hospitals work and so far I have only had one health professional (surgeon) say that is a possibility. Eli's GI doc and ped aren't available this weekend, so we have to work through partners from their practice. It is very difficult to convince other medical workers about what "normal" is for Eli. We may end up staying until Monday or later, depending on what Eli needs to accomplish before he leaves. I guess I will know more in the morning.
Eli continues to prove he is one resilient little guy. Please continue to pray for our little fighter.

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