Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eli's a well-baby, 6-month appt

Eli's 6-mth appt with his pediatrician went well. It was pretty short and sweet since we are already working with alot of other specialists. Eli is still working his way up the growth grid. I just dread plotting him on those things b/c it creates excess worry when he doesn't follow the magical curve. Eli was 6 lbs 13 oz (he was almost 6 lbs 15 oz, little stinker lost 2 oz overnight), 20.25" in length and 15" head circumference. His head circumference is actually in the 3rd percentile (for adjusted age of 3 months 1 week) and height for weight is in the 3rd percentile as well. I think for Elijah, he is doing well.
The worst part of the appointment was the dreaded shots. Eli had to get 5 shots, plus his flu shot since he is now over 6-months old. It wasn't that terrible though, he screamed for a second and was comforted as soon as Mommy picked him up. My poor baby is so used to being poked, he still has his Synagis injection this Friday.
Afterwards the girls had their flu shots. That was not fun. Kaitlyn was so innocently sweet. She was so proud to sit up like a big girl on the table and didn't want to sit in Mommies lap. Then she got this worried look on her face when I held her arm straight...then the big shriek "OWWIE, *sniff* I DON'T LIKE SHOTS". Genny immediately started crying b/c she knew I was going to hold her down too. She got a shot in her leg and then refused to walk out of the office b/c of her big owwie. So, I got to be SuperMom again. I had Eli in his carrier on one arm, Genny in the other arm, feeding tube on my back, diaper bag on one elbow and Kaitlyn trying to hold on my fingers that were holding the baby carrier. Luckily the car was parked somewhat in the front b/c it the kids were darn heavy, very cranky and it was cold.
Eli's fun day didn't get to end there. We had to drive down to Children's hospital b/c the lab at our clinic didn't want to draw his blood. Well, poor little guy was so dehydrated and is getting so thin that his skins sags on his arms and legs. They couldn't find a decent vein to do his labs on. So, the tech decided that she was going to draw from the superficial veins on his scalp. She decided to go for a vein on his right side, and I wasn't even thinking, but Eli's neck is so tight to his left side. As soon as she got the needle starting to go in, Eli whipped his head back to the left, ripping out the needle and tape. Poor baby got a good size bruise on his head and he started shrieking. I calmed him down, but we still had to hold him down and try and draw from the other side of his head. At least his second poke was quick and efficient.
Despite all the drama and tears, I think we had a good appointment. We can rejoice that Eli's labs all came back normal. The kids got their flu shots and Eli didn't have any major reactions to his shots (other then a slight fever and being very sleepy after his eventful day). Please continue to pray that the kids can stay healthy and that the Lord will give Elijah strength to grow.

Just a little cranky

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