Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Santa and the three little elves

We were able to take all three kids to my Dad's union Christmas party this year. It was a lot of fun, esp. since I remember going to the parties when I was a kid and now I am bringing all three of my little ones there. The girls had a blast and I kept Eli safe and cozy up against my chest in his Bjorn.

Breakfast, the all healthy donut
Kaitlyn already finished hers for the picture
The girls insisted we wait in the super long line to get their face-painted. They got to listen to the Teddy Bear band while they waited patiently (LOL, ok while they fought in line). Kaitlyn got to be a snow princess and Genny was a snowflake.

The girls loving their Grandma Becky and Gumpa

Kaitlyn and her Mommy (no resemblance at all)

Of course the big man in red was there. Kaitlyn was insistent that she did not want to see Santa this year. Genny loved to tease her sister that she wanted to see Santa. So, Mommy and Eli waited in line w/ Genny for 20-minutes to go and see him. As soon as we got to the front of the line, Genny decided that she was too scared to go alone. Hence another goofy picture of Mommy with Santa (I think this is my 4th year "visiting" Santa)

Kaitlyn did her typical thing, 5-minutes after Genny got done seeing Santa, she decided she had to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. So back in line we went. At least this time we got a cute picture of just the girls. For those reading from the North Pole, Kaitlyn asked for a new video game and a Barbie that has a tail and wings (a mermaid?) Genny wants a twain w/ a twain table. Eli thinks he would like a clean diaper.

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Maggie said...

What a great event to bring the kids to! I'm glad that all 3 kids got to tell Santa what they wanted!