Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The moment we've all been waiting for...

YES!! That's is a genuine, 100% purely sweet Elijah smile. I was tickling Eli's toes after his OT appointment this morning and he was so worn out from exercising that he just thought the toe tickles were the greatest thing in the world. Today is the first day that I can honestly say I have seen my son smile at me. It was the greatest feeling in the world. Despite all that we go through each week: appt after appt, therapy sessions, exercises, meds, many, many diaper changes, dealing w/ his finicky feeding pump, the stress of having a medically fragile child...this moment just made all those things fade into little nothings. My son knows his Mommy and he loves me...and yes, I am crying as I post this.
Eli is still pretty picky on who he gives his affection to. He only smiled the one time and since has been fussy the rest of the day. He tends to get pretty tired out on his exercise day, esp since he had dr appts on both Mon & Tues and we still have a synagis injection and nurse visit to look forward to on Fri. I know even though Eli can't see my face and see my smile, he knows that his Mommy loves him. The priceless picture I was able to take this morning will always be there to remind me of that.

Eli is sweet just the way he is, smiling from the inside :)

All of my precious first smiles

Kaitlyn (8 wks), Genny (9 wks), Eli (15 wks)

Gen & Eli are adjusted ages

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Maggie said...

Now I'm teary!! Sarah - Eli is so beautiful!!! Gosh the picture of him smiling is incredible. It just makes me want to pick him up and snuggle with him! What a cutie. I totally understand the value of a baby's smile. Something so beautiful can change a bad day/week into a beautiful one!

Thanks for sharing that cute picture. It really made my night!